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“WCPFC Should Implement CDS To Fight IUU” Pacific Islands Nations, March 12, 13

The market place can be an extremely effective means to control illegal fishing activities, which can be utilized through the establishment of a Catch Documentation Scheme (CDS). And this will require the market state to introduce a licensed importer scheme for this purpose. According to the Pacific Island Tuna Industry Association (PITIA), it has always stressed that a Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) CDS was essential in controlling illegal fishing activity.

“This issue has been given low priority at WCPFC and yet offers the most effective and low cost way of ensuring that only ‘genuine’ fish gets to the market.CDS in combination with good border control by the importing nation will make the proposed Interpol work on IUU (illegal fishing) so much easier,” the association said.
PITIA said it would also be a test of market states and their genuine concern over IUU activities and the impact on the fisheries sustainability.
“When and if a WCPFC CDS was in place, it would not be difficult for individual traders to sign off on an agreement to comply with a CDS or Bill of Lading matching scheme.”
The association said such industry-control mechanisms were appearing in other sectors and under the auspices of trade organizations.
Illegal fishing activities took away value from fishery and continued to challenge the rights of coastal states to sustainably generate economic benefits to their economies, the association said.
PITIA said encouraging industry participation in monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) was a logical approach.