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Water Shortage Disrupts Canned Tuna Production

Production at Thon des Mascareignes’ cannery in Mauritius has been disrupted by a serious lack of water since Feb. 12.

Water is essential for the operations of any tuna cannery, and the factory is estimated to have lost Rs 5 million (USD 160,000) in the first three days, according to local reports.
The company, which mainly exports to Europe (Spain, France and Italy) and the US, fears it will be unable to fulfill its orders if the situation continues.
Thon des Mascareignes, a subsidiary of the IBL Group, operates a state-of-the-art processing plant that runs 24 hours/day, five days a week. The factory employs 1,600 workers and can produce 250 tons of canned tuna and 135 tons of loins on a daily basis. The company benefits from its proximity to the main fishing grounds of the Western Indian Ocean and from duty-free exports to Europe, as Mauritius is part of the ACP-EU countries.