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USD 35 Million Purse Seiner Order From Mexican Tuna Fisher Spain, April 18, 13

The Spanish shipyard, Zamakona Yards, has just been awarded a new contract for the construction of a tuna purse seiner for the Mexican company Pesquera Miriam SA worth USD 35 million, the shipyards news release said.

The ship “LJUBICA“, 89.8 meters in length, is designed for Cintranaval-Defcar S.L. and will have a storage tank capacity of 2,000 m3.
The vessel with construction number C-739 from the shipyard is a fine example of the degree of specialization achieved by Zamakona Yards in building ships for the fishery sector. Zamakona Yards is currently building another tuna purse seiner with similar characteristics for the Spanish tuna fishing company Hartswater Limited Ltd. Delivery is scheduled for January 2014.
This order strengthens Zamakona Yards’position as one of the Spanish leaders in shipbuilding. This latest contract adds to the five vessels currently under construction in our shipyards.
The ship “LJUBICA” is scheduled for delivery during the fourth quarter of 2014.
It is estimated that currently about 65 tuna purse seiner vessels are under construction. This construction spree has been ignited by the high global prices for skipjack tuna.