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Tuna Spotting Helicopter Crashes In Costa Rica Costa Rica, April 26, 13

A helicopter caught fire and crashed into the sea in Puntarenas, Costa Rica
A helicopter piloted by Carlos Navarro with passenger Ignacio Espinoza Herrera on board, caught fire while in the air, 10 meters above sea.
The helicopter, which belongs to the Nicaraguan flagged tuna vessels ‘Maria Eulogia’, was on the mission of spotting the path of the tuna fish for the vessel. The boat was licensed to fish in Costa Rican waters.
Miraculously, both men survived the crash, falling into the water. However, they both sustain burn injuries. They were rushed to the Hospital San Juan de Dios in Caldera where their family were already located at.

According to the victims, a circuit in the helicopter caught fire while they were flying 10 meters high, causing them to crash at sea.

Captain Navarro has burn wounds on his arms and face, while Ignacio Herreras only on his leg and arms, because he jumped out before the helicopter hit the water.
Their condition is stable.
The ‘ Maria Eulogia’ continues to sail at around 250 nautical miles from Puntarenas, heading to Cocos Island.