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Tuna Sandwiches Blamed For College Emergency, 10 Hospitalized United Kingdom, March 1, 13

Ten people were rushed to the hopital yeseterday after showing symptoms of an allergic reaction at an Edinburgh college campus

Several staff and students suffered anaphylactic shocks in an incident linked to tuna sandwiches. Ambulances were called to Edinburgh College’s Granton campus on Thursday afternoon.

They were treated by paramedics at the scene before being taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to be checked over.

A sample of the sandwiches, which were prepared on the premises, was taken away by council environmental health inspectors for closer examination.
The casualties ate tuna sandwiches at Edinburgh College’s Granton campus and rapidly took ill.
The victims suffered allergy-like reactions, prompting a massive response from the emergency services with around nine ambulances, police and environmental health vehicles called to the scene.

“An isolated incident occurred this afternoon at Granton Campus of Edinburgh College, where a small number of students and staff suffered an allergic reaction. The incident is currently under investigation, but it is believed that this may be linked to a batch of tuna sandwiches, a Edinburgh College spokeswoman said.

“An ambulance team from Scottish Ambulance Service attended to a small number of patients on site, who responded well to treatment. Almost all have been admitted to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, for observation.”