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Tuna Losing Ground To Salmon In French Market

While tuna is still the most popular seafood in France, salmon is becoming a close second. Last year, French consumers ate 64,836 tons of salmon – a 15.6% increase from 2011 – compared to 66,063 tons of tuna. In 2012, French tuna consumption, including fresh and smoked, declined by 6%, according to data from Europanel and the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Fresh salmon proved to be a huge favourite in 2012, with French households buying a total of 28,185 tons – up 29.8% from the previous year. The value of the fresh salmon market hit USD 432 million – up about 17% year-on-year – with the average price dropping 10% to USD 15.40 per kilogram.

Smoked salmon also increased in popularity with more than 20.4 million families (76%) buying it at least once, which is 509,000 more households than in 2011. The smoked fish was especially a hot item in December 2012, when prices dropped by an average 3% and sales rose 22% in value or 26% in volume compared to the last month of 2011. In this four-week period, almost 12.3 million households bought smoked salmon.
Last year, French consumers bought 24,360 tons of smoked salmon – up 8.2% from 2011. The value of the smoked salmon market reached USD 828 million, while the average selling price remained stable at USD 34 per kilogram.
Salmon did beat tuna in terms of value though. The total value of salmon consumed in France last year was USD 1.5 billion – up 10% - compared to tuna’s worth of USD 790 million, a meager 0.4% increase from 2011.