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Trader Joe’s Updates Customers On Sustainable Tuna United States, April 8, 13

Trader Joe’s said it changed its sourcing and updated the acceptable fishing methods for canned yellowfin tuna and canned albacore tuna. Trader Joe’s warned there may be “gaps in supply” as it makes the changeovers for these products.
Trader Joe’s Co. got specific about its sustainable tuna considerations in an update to its website.

Trader Joe’s explains its customers:
Related to work done in support of our seafood goal of shifting to sustainable sources, below are some product specific updates. (Going forward, we will provide monthly updates on the following products as well as new products fitting the goal.)

Canned Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil: We have switched our sourcing from long-line catch methods to pole and line catch methods. We are working through existing inventory; and while we may have gaps in supply as we make the transition, we are working to stay in stock on this item. The new, pole & line caught product will have updated packaging reflecting the change.
Canned Albacore Tuna: Our canned Albacore Tuna items are transitioning to sources using a circle-hook and nylon lead catch method; this is being done to help reduce by-catch. We are working through existing inventory and once we move into a supply of product caught with the new method, the packaging will be updated to reflect the catch method.