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The French tuna group Sapmer has announced that it wants to set an International organization with the creation of Sapmer Holding Ltd. This new organization will, in the future, mostly be focused on tuna fishing, making it the backbone of the company. The new entity will create three units defined by zones of fishing and product processing. Sapmer intends to be operating 20 tuna purse seiners globally which will be divided over several catching zones.

The ‘Reunion Island’ zone focuses on its Indian Ocean and Southern seas fishing activities and operates now 5 tuna purse seiners.

The ‘Mauritius’ zone includes the storage and value enhancing activities based in Mauritius, as well as a fishing activity that will come into operation with the arrival of their next 5 tuna purse seiners which all will become operational in the Indian Ocean.

The zone named ‘Pacific Ocean’ is expected to see the development of the group’s activity with a fleet of 10 deep freeze tuna purse seiners by 2015-2018 as well as a processing factory based in Papua New Guinea. According to Sapmer this new organization was rendered necessary in order to ensure the development of the group, as well as the financing of the tuna activity which will eventually be the strength of the group’s future development.