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The Best Spots In The World For International Tuna Trade

The Netherlands, a country with less than 17 million people and stretching for about 40,000 km² total, is the best hub in the world for international trade, according to DHL, the international mail services provider.  Major tuna producing nations such as Thailand, Spain, Italy and Ecuador were also examined but did not fare as well.

In the latest Global Connectedness Index from DHL, which analyzes and ranks 140 countries according to their integration into the world economy, the Netherlands retained the top position, making it “the most globally connected country in the world.” The country is home to the global marketing office of Pacifical, the company set up by the eight Pacific island nations, known as the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA), to market their MSC-certified free school skipjack tuna.

According to the Index, 9 of the 10 most connected countries are in Europe, making it the most globalized continent. Spain and Italy – the two main tuna canning industries in Europe – however did not make the top 10, ranking 25th and 28th respectively.   UK took 6th place, while Germany was 10th,  and the United States at 28th position
Thailand, the world’s biggest tuna producer, placed 15th while Ecuador, an important tuna hub in South America, finished 99th. Papua New Guinea, the South Pacific’s tuna center, was not ranked.
Overall, DHL found the world today is less globally connected than it was in 2007.