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Super Typhoon Pablo Mass Killer Among Tuna Fishermen Philippines, March 12, 13

4 months after the Super Typhoon Pablo struck the Philippines, this natural event will go into the memory as the disaster which claimed the highest death toll within the global tuna industry. Hopes for any of the missing to return alive has been given up, and they must now be presumed dead, setting the final death toll at 352 tuna fishermen.

Typhoon Pablo presumably sank 15 catcher vessels and 35 other fishing boats off Eastern Mindanao island, owned by 10 tuna fishing companies. Most of the lost smaller tuna vessels were racing towards the safety of Philippine shores after warnings were issued by Philippine weather officials, however they never were able to reach shore.

Only 8 bodies were recovered, while eighteen survived the strongest typhoon to hit southeastern Mindanao in recent memory.

The fishing companies have promised to give priority in hiring the family members of those who died, once they replace their lost fleet – 50 vessels valued at about USD 15.6 million – and resume operations.