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Seychelles: Enormous Potential For Blue Economy Seychelles, April 5, 13

Following a visit to the construction project for the 120-meter quay of the industrial tuna fishing port at Ile du Port, Seychelles President James Michel said that Seychelles has enormous potential to develop its blue economy.

The 120-meter wide quay at Ile du Port will be used to handle tuna for processing a.o.

The visit was an opportunity to explore the potential for the expansion of the fisheries sector, which is the second pillar of the economy. “The blue economy will be crucial for our future. It has enormous potential. We need to ensure that we maximize the benefits from the resources of our ocean, rather than let them be exploited by large foreign companies. By developing projects such as the industrial tuna fishing port and the fish processing plants, we are empowering our Seychellois fishermen to have facilities to be able to process and export tuna fisheries, as well as value-added products; so that more of our resources from marine life are beneficial for Seychellois,” said the President.

He commended the Seychelles Fishing Authority for its work to monitor fisheries activity, illegal fisheries, and develop scientific research programs, as well as building facilities that will benefit the fishing community.