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Robots Will Be Loading Canned Tuna At Jealsa Spain, March 4, 13


Jealsa’s President, Juan Alonso. explains the details of modern commodity storage system

Jealsa has modernized its supply system. It’s the proud integrated supplier of canned fish to Mercadona, delivering products to more than 1500 stores.
The cooperation with Mercadona requires viewpoint adjustments, such as a commitment to innovation and modernity. The result is Jealsa’s newly launched robotized warehouse in Escuris, Spain.
Efficiency, capital improvements and provide good product are values shared by the two companies. The new facilities focuses on all, because thanks to this robot systemized stacking of goods, Jealsa’s storage capacity has increased, going from 9,000 to 18,000 pallets.
Furthermore, and despite the increase in volume, the handling process has been reduced, as well as the need to use excessive power by the employees, which will help minimize the risk of accidents. The product is now moved swiftly and efficiently, controlled by computers and stored by dates and references, using all levels, heights and spaces where the small trucks could not reach. Jealsa has increased its warehouse efficiency by threefold since it started stacking its cans and preparing its pallets automatically.
According to Jealsa’s COO, Juan Alonso, the investment reached Euro 3.5 million in R & D + I, however, it is essential to ensure Mercadona with an effective service.