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PNA Free School Skipjack Achieves MSC CoC Certification Pacific Islands Nations, April 23, 13

PNA achieves MSC Chain of Custody certification, so now calls industry to start production of MSC free school skipjack to global markets.
Speaking Monday at the European Tuna Conference in Brussels, Mr. Maurice Brownjohn, OBE, Commercial Manager to the PNA, announced that the PNA had been awarded MSC Chain of Custody certification for the PNA MSC free school skipjack Fishery.

This brings to the global trade a new dimension in tuna traceability; a credible and verifiable traceability scheme, which is 3rd party certified and applicable from the net to the factory, and on to the retailer. In fact, with the added capability for the consumer to trace from the plate back to the net.

No longer, should a retailers own credibility be reliant on certification schemes premised on fishing company self certifications as a starting point; where without any credibility or verification, all fish is declared compliant and self certified, regardless.

In conclusion, Mr. Brownjohn acknowledged, on behalf of the peoples of the PNA islands nations, the ongoing support of global retailers -especially home brands- who have used media to demand supply of MSC skipjack from our region. Further acknowledging the role of key NGOs [WWF, Greenpeace, Pew, etc], processors and those fishers who have supported the PNA in the initiative to have the free school fishery certified and to deliver MSC free school skipjack to the world through PACIFICAL.

Finally, Mr. Brownjohn stated that the PNA leaders have recently, in Palau, called on all those fishing in PNA waters to start to land MSC tuna to support this project. PNG has further publically announced that they expect all industry to now deliver MSC free school skipjack to our associated processors; this as a future term of license renewal.