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Opagac And Anabac Jointly Proactive On Tuna Sustainability

The two Spanish purse seine organizations, OPAGAC and ANABAC, conducted their first annual review of sustainability measures implemented last year, and have proposed to set out new research priorities for better tuna management.
The groups met with scientists from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) and the AZTI-Tecnalia, the technological center specialized in marine and food research, this week in Sukarrieta (Vizcaya) to go over the problems encountered in applying their “Code of Good Practice,” which was signed last year.
The Code is a joint effort between the scientists and the fishermen to minimize the impact of purse seine fishing, using fish-aggregating devices (FADs), on non-target species. The strategy includes using more selective FAD models to reduce by-catch, educating fishermen on safer release techniques of non-target species, and introducing a logbook FAD management system to record catches and releases.
OPAGAC and ANABAC emphasized the “valuable knowledge” gained in the past year and despite the encountered difficulties, they said the fishing companies are “proactively willing” to try and implement the sustainable practices.