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No Ban On Canned Tuna Imports From West Africa Ghana, March 25, 13


On the internet, Friday, there have misleading news reports with the titel: EU bans export of raw and processed tuna from Ghana.

he articles wrongly reported that “The European Union has banned the export of raw and processed tuna from Ghana and other West African countries into its member countries”, as main sources VIASAT 1 News and Joy Business are named.
The articles continue stating that “According to the EU, Ghana government has not done enough to check illegal and unregulated fishing of tuna in its waters. The country has as a result of the ban lost about 20 million Euros of export income so far whilst about 600 thousand workers are expected to lose their jobs”.
Fact is that incoming canned tuna shipments Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Cape Verde have been placed by the custom authorities in the UK, Ireland, Holland and Spain under closer surveillance. This means that upon arrival in these EU member states containers will be put in quarantine while authorities verify the correctness of the EU catch certificates. These certificates should show that the fish is caught legally, in compliance with local fisheries regulations. Once found in compliance, these containers are released, imported and distributed to EU consumers. Earlier within the EU, concerns were raised over possible illegal high sea transshipments along the coast of West Africa.
Also information by Joy Business that one of the biggest exporters of tuna from Ghana to the EU, Pioneer Food Cannery is planning to layoff some 300 workers as a result of the development, is not correct, says MWBrands -the owner of the plant.
The five West African countries have all announced to be prepared to take whatever stringent measures needed to comply with EU regulations on legal tuna fishing, in order to secure the future of their local industries. A delegation has been planned to go to Brussels to meet DG Mare to show their full cooperation.