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Movie: How 33 Miners Survived On A Can Of Tuna Chile, March 8, 13

The Spanish actor Antonio Banderas will act in a film about the rescue of 33 miners trapped 700 meters underground in the Chilean desert who survived thanks to one spoonful of canned tuna every two days for 17 days, reported film director Patricia Riggen.

Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas

In 2010, 33 miners were trapped deep underground in the San Jose copper mine, in the Atacama desert, 2,000 feet underground from August to October.
“Antonio Banderas will be part of the cast. We are all very happy to have him. But he’s the first of many to confirm”, Riggen said. She did not confirm the roll that Banderas will interpret, however rumors are that it could be that of the charismatic miner Mario Sepulveda, the second to be rescued.
The shooting of the film, originally titled “The 33” will start during the coming months in northern Chile, with a budget of USD 100 million.

The miners survived the first 17 days by eating one spoonful of tuna per person every two days. During those first 17 days, they were disconnected from the outside world and were thought to be dead. The tuna had been stored in an emergency shelter.