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Mars Petcare Going For Sustainable Fish In Cat Food


Mars Petcare, the world’s largest petcare company, is making seafood sustainability a priority by launching responsibly sourced fish products, including tuna, for cats.

Its Sheba Entrees brand is now offering five varieties of cat food that contain sustainably sourced tuna, whitefish, and other seafood options.
This is the beginning of the company’s long-term sustainability plan. In March 2010, the global petcare segment of Mars made a commitment to use only sustainably sourced fish by 2020. The commitment follows recommendations from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, which are science-based, peer reviewed and use ecosystem-based criteria.
“We understand the importance of our ingredient-sourcing choices and how they can make a positive impact on the environment,” said Tina Garcia, marketing services director, Mars Petcare US. “By using responsibly-sourced fish for our Sheba entrees, we have made it easy for pet owners to shop with confidence and to reward the most environmentally responsible fishing practices.”