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Manta Could Suffer Heavily If Deal With EU Fails Ecuador, March 4, 13

There’s a lot at stake if Ecuador fails to renew its current tuna trade deal with the EU, including about 100,000 jobs. The current agreement, which allows Ecuador’s tuna products to enter the EU at 0% duty, is set to expire at the end of 2013 and so far no deal has been reached.
Manta, Ecuador is the main tuna port in the Eastern Pacific with 18 tuna processors in the region. The tuna fishing industry and the processing sector are highly important to the Ecuadorian economy, according to the Ecuadorian Chamber of Industries and Tuna Processors (CEIPA).
In 2011, tuna vessels offloaded 199,000 tons and the local factories produced about 28,000 tons per month (336,000 tons per year) of tuna products including pre-cooked loins, canned tuna and tuna pouches.
The tuna sector is also a major source of employment in Ecuador, employing 16,860 people directly and about 80,000 workers indirectly.
The country’s largest export market for canned tuna is the European Union, with the majority of the products going to Spain and Germany. Its other major canned tuna market is the US, where Ecuador’s export volume is limited because it does not receive 0% duty on canned tuna.
Overall, Venezuela is the top importing country of Ecuadorian tuna products, accounting for 15%, followed by Spain, which accounts for 11.43%, according to Ecuador’s Central Bank.