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Isabel Offers Cuca Tuna Workers EUR 700 Bonus

Spanish canner Conservas Garavilla, owner of the popular Isabel brand, is offering each Cuca tuna worker a EUR 700 annual bonus to align their wages with those earned by the staff at its O Grove factory. The company says their decision to relocate the Cuca production is “irreversible” and that they will continue to complete the transfer as fast as possible so the workers can return to work.
Cuca workers have been protesting the relocation and plan to bring a petition of more than 7,000 signatures to the Galician government.
Garavilla says the trade unions are delaying the process by misinforming the staff about its intentions. The company also said the unions are refusing to negotiate issues such as who will assume the worker transportation costs to O Grove or offers of financial compensation.
Garavilla maintains the production move is for exclusively industrial reasons and that the Cuca product quality will be ensured by transferring all the staff, machinery and using the same raw materials. It guarantees 100% of the jobs.