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Greenpeace: 90% Of Australian Market Committed To Responsible Tuna Fishing

Over 90% of the Australian canned tuna market has pledged to stop sourcing from fisheries that use fish-aggregating devices (FADs), says Greenpeace.
Earlier this week, Australia’s biggest retailer, Woolworths, announced its commitment to responsible fishing, joining other major supermarkets Coles and IGA and brands such as John West Australia, Greenseas, Safcol and Sirena. Greenpeace says Aldi is the only brand selling tuna to Australians that hasn’t made the switch yet.

By the end of this year, all of Woolworths “Select” tuna will be caught one-by-one with a pole and line, and by 2015 the rest of its “Home Brand” tuna will be caught without FADs, a method that the environment group is actively campaigning against due to its high rate of by-catch and negative impact on tuna populations.
“It’s not only an environmental crime, it’s illogical. Along with a colourful collection of sea life, FADs haul in a massive amount of baby tuna – juveniles that haven’t had a chance to breed. This rapidly drives down tuna populations and makes it even less sustainable.”

Greenpeace previously targeted the UK and succeeded in getting all the major brands and retailers to commit to FAD-free fishing. Big retailers and brands in Europe and North America have also made the switch, including Safeway in the US, John West Germany, and Mareblu in Italy.