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Gabon And The EU Agree On New Fisheries Protocol European Union, April 26, 13

A negotiating team of the European Commission (EC), with the support of representatives of the Fisheries General Secretariat of Spain, reached a new fisheries agreement with Gabon.

This agreement will be immediately implemented, as soon as it is approved by the Council of the European Union (EU).

After two years of absence on fishing grounds of Gabon, the Spanish purse seiners may return to fish in the African fishery.

While under the previous pact 12 vessels from Spain were allowed to fish in these waters, this time the activity of 15 boats has been authorized.

And for the first time, the presence of tuna pole and line fishing vessel category has been considered, characterized by a more selective type of fishing. The agreement provides fishing opportunities for seven Spanish vessels of this type.

The bilateral agreement will be in effect for three years. As compensation for the activity of the European vessels in the fishery grounds, the EU will pay a total of Euro 1.3 million: Euro 900,000 considered as access rights and Euro 450,000 to support the development of the fisheries sector in Gabon.

Gabon and the EU had broken off negotiations in 2011 due to differences with respect to the inclusion of a clause on the respect for human rights.

The arrival of new equipment in the Gabonese fisheries administration made it possible to unblock the issue of human rights in the fisheries agreement, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama) of Spain reported.