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Foreign Purse Seiners Required To Land Catch At Peruvian Canneries Peru, March 28, 13

The Peruvian Ministry of Production has issue a degree which requires that 30 percent of tuna taken from the Peruvian sea by foreign vessels, authorized to fish in Peru’s EEZ, will be allocated to the domestic industry of canning products and cold stores.

Vessels must sign supply agreements with freezing or canning plants, to the limit of storage and processing, according to the Supreme Decree 002-2013. The aim of the measure is to boost local processing and job growth from the countries tuna resources.

Foreign vessels intending to fish for tuna in the Peru’s EEZ shall participate in a public bidding for the quota allocated to Peru by the IATTC.

For foreign tuna purse seiners the below are some of the requirements:
• Present themselves in a Peruvian national port before starting their fishing activity;
• Carry a technical research scientist from the Imarpe on board as an observer during the entire trip.
• Contract at a minimum of 30 percent of Peruvian crew.

After the fishing activity comes to an end, the captain must inform the authorities where the landing will take place, not less than 48 hours in advance of the landing. The purpose is to allocate the volume of catch to a processing firm that will receive the tuna. The authorities are responsible for inspecting and supervising the landing. Both foreign and national flagged vessels can participate in the bidding.