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Eurofish Shows Latest Environmental Investments Ecuador, April 3, 13

The Ecuadorian firm Eurofish Company SA opened its doors to the media today to introduce the company’s importance in the current most demanding international markets, as well as its latest investments towards environmental and social accountability issues.
Eurofish annually exports about 40,000 M/T of processed tuna through different brands; its main products are precooked tuna loins, canned tuna and tuna pouches. The company’s success is based on product innovation and the creation of added value from the raw material that for years was only caught by them and later exported to be processed outside Ecuador. Eurofish’s main target markets are Europe (70%), followed by the U.S. and Latin America (30%).
Eurofish generates 1300 direct working places and it has several programs to ensure the employees safety and development at professional and personal levels. One example of this is the current scholarship program to support continuity of college and high school education.