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Dongwon & Bright Food Ready For Chinese Tuna Offensive South Korea, April 5, 13

Dongwon F&B, major South Korean canned tuna manufacturer, that recently signed a contract with Chinese retail giant Bright Food Group to make its tuna products available at nearly 10,000 convenience stores, supermarkets and large discount outlets, has developed three new flavors.
The new flavors spicy, sweet and greasy have proven to be attractive to Chinese consumers enabling the company a smooth entry into a market of more than 1.3 billion people. They were developed based on extensive research and tests on Chinese people in Korea, the firm said.
“The canned tuna market of China is still small. But there is huge room to grow,” said Park Eun-kyung, a spokesperson for Dongwon F&B. “The size of the market is expanding because people’s average income is increasing and their taste is increasingly westernized.”

The firm said the value of China’s canned tuna market is estimated at USD 45 million. Dongwon aims to post 500 billion won in annual sales there by 2018.

“Canned tuna is our new growth engine,” said Eun Yoon-hyun, head of the overseas sales department. “We will continue to bolster our presence in China with brisk sales of canned tuna”.