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Chancerelle Tuna Plant To Remain In Same Port France, March 6, 13

The French family owned canning business Chancerelle is transferring its tuna canning activities. It has plans to leave its facility directly at port, in Douarnenez, where it has been located for the past 160 year, and consolidate its activities in the Lannugat area, also in Douarmenez (Finistere).
Last January, Chancerelle acquired Cobreco in a deal that will create a company with revenues of around Euro 120 million. The contract was finalized last week.
Chancerelle is producer of the “Connetable” brand.
The transfer will be of its tuna production lines, from the port factory to the Cobreco site in Lannugat, where Chancerelle already owns a second factory since 1996 and offices since 2003.
The expansion will enable the production activities to continue. “During this operation, all Cobreco staff will maintain their jobs. We'll just move the production lines”, says Jean-François Hug, Chancerelle’s CEO. “But we’re not in a hurry. The transfer will be done in phases and it will take between one and two years to finalize. Once the move is completed, the port factory will be sold.”
The acquisition of Cobreco is not aimed at taking on the tuna market leaders, but rather to make sure that Chancerelle will stay in Douarmenez. The focus will remain on premium products, said Hug.