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Calvo Intensifies Connection With Mothers Through Social Media

Calvo publicity at a Spanish metro station

Spanish tuna company Calvo is using social media to target mothers, the main decision-makers in the household for grocery purchases, in its latest marketing campaign.

The company has hired three agencies to reach out to mothers online, with the purpose of improving the brand image in social networks such as Facebook. Mothers were rewarded with a day of relaxation sessions, beauty treatments, or tickets to a show.
Besides the social media efforts, Calvo has also put up billboards, showcasing mothers, in major cities in Spain.
The campaign, called “They Know,” centers around the slogan, “Mothers cannot be fooled. Follow your instincts.” Previously, the company launched a TV commercial that presented mothers as having a supernatural ability to know everything, including being able to spot high quality tuna, such as Calvo’s “Atuna Claro” product which is canned yellowfin tuna.