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Brand “Attunes” Meals With Its Tuna In Funny TV Commercials

The Argentine tuna brand La Campagnola has launched a humorous new ad campaign to appeal to consumers in South America, which is becoming an important tuna market.
The campaign features four videos, all featuring a character named Pablo, who “attunes” or improves his meals with La Campagnola tuna. The ads create their own word “atunea,” which is a jab at the Spanish word for tuna, “atun.” Whether at the office with coworkers, at home with his grandmother, or surrounded by friends, Pablo transforms pasta dishes, sandwiches and salads with tuna.
In this way, the commercials provide South American consumers, who typically eat lots of red meat, with new meal ideas that include tuna.
South America is a growing tuna market and new players have made their presence known since 2010, including Jealsa Robinson Crusoe in Argentina and Brazil; Beira-Mar and Van Camps in Brazil; Calvo in Paraguay, Colombia and Belize; and Gomes da Costa in Suriname, Nicaragua and Gautemala.