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Bluefin Fully Raised In Farm Survives At Sea

Bluefin tuna that were raised in a farm and released into the wild have survived, according to the Japanese researchers. The team of scientists from Japan’s Kinki University is optimistic the progress in aquaculture will be a future solution in helping the overfished bluefin stock recover.
The scientists managed to capture eight of the total 1,862 juvenile bluefin tuna that were released into the sea in October 2012, about 30-45 days after their release. The results prove that artificially cultivated bluefin tuna – raised from eggs in a pen – can survive at sea.
All of the fish were marked with a tag and 11 were marked with a highly specialized tag for recording water temperature, depth and migration route. None of these special tags were recovered.
The scientists recognize there are still many issues to address including the impact on biodiversity and genes as a result of releasing cultured fish into the sea. One critical concern is the potential risk of disease spreading to the wild stock from the tuna bred in captivity.