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Binh Dinh Sees High Potential For Tuna Sector Expansion

Vietnam’s central Binh Dinh province believes it can boost its tuna sector if logistics and infrastructure are improved, according to the province’s department of agriculture and rural development.
In recent years, local tuna catches have been increasing and local fishermen have been investing in vessel upgrades, but several ports in the region are suffering from sedimentation.
This problem prevents vessels – especially those with high capacity – from reaching the harbor, and also poses a challenge for vessels seeking shelter during the storm season, according to the provincial government.
Last year, Binh Dinh exported over 8,100 tons of tuna, nearly 73% higher than the previous year, bringing in revenues of about USD 51.3 million.
Tuna catches were also up in the first month of this year, where local fishermen caught over 618 tons, an increase of 55% compared to the same period of last year.

Binh Dinh province