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BB & COS Re-called Cans Albacore Chunk Are Identical United States, March 8, 13


The can code lists of the re-called 5oz Chunk White Albacore in water, of both Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee, which were published yesterday by the US FDA, show a remarkable resemblance.

The codes were published by the FDA over worries of can seams that do not meet standards, and which could mean risking contamination from spoilage organisms or pathogens. Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea are both voluntarily, as a precaution, recalling 5-ounce cans of Chunk White Albacore in water which are identical except for the label with the brand wrapped around the can.

Not only do the two recalls happen on the same day, the products from these competing US tuna brands also have exactly the same product specification in terms of can size (5oz), pack style (chunk), packing medium (water), and species (albacore).

Also both products have almost identical can codes 3017SAFCKP (Bumble Bee) and 3018CABCKP (Chicken of the Sea) and were produced on 17 Jan 2013 (BB) and 18 Jan 2013 (COS).

Yesterday reported : “It looks like both products may have been processed at the Thai Union cannery in Bangkok” however this assumption was made incorrectly.
In fact Chicken of the Sea has released the following information: “Manufacturers will sometimes use third-party suppliers. The Chicken of the Sea products being recalled were produced in Bumble Bee’s plant in California.”

The COS statement, along with the very high similarity of the products, confirms that these cans were processed at the same Bumble Bee plant. This would mean that the two competitors could also soon be facing each other in a discussion on who bears the responsibility, as well as who will pay the claims for these unreliable seams and the very high costs of these re-calls.

Despite the alarm over the possibly faulty seams, fortunately so far no illnesses have been reported from eating these products.
Bumble Bee Brand 5oz Chunk White Albacore Tuna in Water

Can Lot Code Can Best Buy Code
3016SA2CKP Best By Jan 16 2016
3016SA3CKP Best By Jan 16 2016
3016SA4CKP Best By Jan 16 2016
3017SA1CKP Best By Jan 17 2016
3017SA2CKP Best By Jan 17 2016
3017SA3CKP Best By Jan 17 2016
3017SADCKP Best By Jan 17 2016
3017SAECKP Best By Jan 17 2016
3017SAFCKP Best By Jan 17 2016
Chicken of the Sea- Select 5-Oz Chunk White Albacore Tuna in Water
3018CA2CKP 01/18/17
3018CA3CKP 01/18/17
3018CA4CKP 01/18/17
3018CAACKP 01/18/17
3018CABCKP 01/18/17
3018CACCKP 01/18/17
3018CAECKP 01/18/17
3018CB3CKP 01/18/17