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Bali Tuna Exports In Decline

Bali tuna exports dropped by slightly over 14% in 2012. Tuna exports totaled 14,254.3 tons, which were valued at USD 83.25 million in 2012, down from 16,585 tons valued at USD 83.09 million in 2011.
Despite this decline, tuna dominated Bali’s exports of fish in 2012. The island exported 11 types of fishery and marine commodities in 2012 and the total production rose 12.02% to USD 114.89 million, up from USD 102.55 million the previous year, a government official revealed on Thursday.
Japan is the main market for the commodities, accounting for 42.9 percent of fishery exports, followed by Hong Kong with 3.87 percent, Australia at 3.37 percent, Singapore at 1.29 percent and the Netherlands at 1.46 percent.