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Anova Tuna: “Fishing And Living” Awarded USAID Grant United States, March 7, 13


USAID has recognized the successful results of the Fishing and Living(TM) initiative of the US leader sushi quality tuna company, Anoval Food LLC, and has awarded a grant to significantly expand its efforts. The program promotes sustainable fisheries and enhanced living conditions for fishing communities. These fisheries have gone through MSC pre-assessment and are engaged in a verified and active Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) to provide certified sustainable tuna to Anova Food, LLC.

The sustainability efforts of Anova demonstrate its corporate core value commitment to socially and environmentally responsible efforts to ensure a healthy supply of fish for future generations.

The grant will focus on the handline tuna fisheries in Indonesia. Funds will allow for the expansion of successful programs already implemented. These field programs include:

- setting up 6 additional field offices on new landing sites
- setting up centers that teach alternative livelihoods to fishermen, and reduce the total fishing fleet
- on-site training of data collectors for each new landing site
- on-site training of additional observers for data verification on the fishing vessels
- engagement of all stakeholders including suppliers, processors and the Indonesian fisheries ministry to discuss activities and compiled data

The most important step to reach sustainability is a comprehensive assessment of the health of the fish stock. Under this program, each landing site office collects data on total catch, catch composition, fish maturity, bait, and interactions with Endangered, Threatened or Protected (ETP) species.

The Fishing and Living(TM) program is a unique approach made possible through the collaborative efforts of Anova Food, LLC, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), local and national governments, a host of other entities and individuals on-site and working in the communities, and of course, the fishermen themselves.