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Anova Launches First MSC Certified Fiji Albacore In Europe Netherlands, April 23, 13

MSC certification has landed Fiji Albacore Tuna on the European stage: In a world-first, international seafood supplier Anova Seafood brings the first MSC labeled tuna from Fiji to Europe. Anova formally launched their Fiji Albacore tuna range at the European Seafood Exposition (ESE) in Brussels on the 23rd of April. Anova is proud, and they are not alone: ambassador of the Fiji Islands to Europe, Peceli Vocea, was present to introduce the Europe to Fiji’s iconic tuna fishery.

Sustainable tuna available from June

More than 25,000 seafood professionals visit the ESE in Brussels from 23 to 25 April, Unit Manager of Marketing & Retail at Anova, Hendrik Colpaert is delighted to introduce MSC labeled Fiji Albacore to their range. “For Anova, this is a wonderful opportunity to announce the good news. After all, in the seafood industry, sustainably caught tuna is long awaited,” he said. “There is increasing demand of consumers and professionals for sustainably caught and fully traceable MSC certified tuna.”

Anova Seafood will offer the MSC labeled Albacore tuna from Fiji as of June in both fresh and frozen form.

Fiji Albacore Tuna Longline sustainability credentials creating jobs and accessing new markets

The Fiji albacore tuna longline fishery operates in the South Pacific Ocean in Fiji’s economic exclusion zone (EEZ). The 330 islands have a long history in fisheries: fish is central to the life of the Fijians. For three years, members of the Fiji Tuna Boat Owners Association (FTBOA) worked to meet the MSC standard for a sustainable fishery. These efforts have ensured that their tuna bears the blue MSC ecolabel for sustainable fisheries since December 2012.

The Fiji Albacore Tuna longline fishery has reduced its environmental impact and generated employment for the people of Fiji, explains Rhadika Kumar, General Manager of Solanders, one of the companies in the Fiji Tuna Boat Owners Association (FTBOA). “Achieving the internationally recognised MSC standard for sustainability proves that this small island nation has world-class fishery management, it’s something we’re very proud of,” said Ms Kumar.

MSC certification of Fiji Albacore Tuna Longline and Chain of Custody (CoC) certification of their associated processing factory, Tri Pacific, has created new jobs for Fijians and opened up new markets for the fishery to sell their albacore as a premium product to Europe. “We’re the first Pacific tuna fishery to sell our products direct to Europe with the complete chain of custody in place. Before MSC certification, our Albacore would go straight to canneries but now we are able to market it as a sustainable, fully traceable premium tuna to be served as delicious steaks through Anova in Europe,” said Ms Kumar. The fishery is also receiving a higher return for this new premium product.