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Another Roadblock For PNG Tuna Park

Local leaders in Papua New Guinea are questioning an agreement between the main plaintiffs of a court case involving the Madang tuna park project and the country’s trade and industry minister, which they say does not benefit the communities and other stakeholders in the immediate project area site.
Last December, the plaintiffs had indicated during their meeting with minister Richard Maru that the original court case would be scrapped if they received the benefits promised to them.
The local leaders – one local level government councilor and two chairmen of umbrella companies –want to know what sort of benefits were given to the plaintiffs, since other members of the community are waiting to be included.
The trio said in a statement that the two recognized umbrella companies, Rehammb Holdings and Kananam Investment, would not support the project if the minister continued to ignore set structures and policies of handling benefit sharing issues.
They said Maru ignored them last December, when the meeting was held without their knowledge.

The group is calling on its local member of parliament to intervene.