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Animal Planet To Start Tuna Series

Tuna are guaranteed to be swimming across television screens, as the American TV channel, Animal Planet, is set to air a new seven-part series that explores the hidden worlds beneath the seas and oceans of the seven continents.
Filmed by renowned underwater photographer Darek Sepiolo, the series – “The Magic of the Big Blue” starts in Asia, traveling to the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia to witness the Coral Triangle, where an abundance of tuna can be found.
From there, the journey continues in the salty depths of the Oceania, moving from Fiji to Papua New Guinea to Palau, and more. This tropical region in the Pacific Ocean is known to be a major tuna fishing ground.
South America’s Galapagos Islands is the next stop, followed by the Azores islands in Europe, the eastern shores of South Africa, and then Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. The adventure ends in the freezing waters of the Antarctic.