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Also Other Tuna Fishers had Fraudulent Licenses In Liberia Liberia, March 18, 13

Dongwon seems to be one of many tuna fishing companies that have been active in Liberian waters and in possession of falsified licenses.
Dongwon fishing vessels ‘Premier’ and ‘Solevant’ were both identified as fishing on tuna illegally in Liberian waters, and the ‘Premier’ was also found to be carrying a forged license.
According to the annual progress report of the BNF on 2012, during that year 40 tuna vessels were sighted and fined for fishing illegally within the Liberian EEZ.
The 40 consisted out of 12 tuna seiners, which are owned by Spanish operators united in OPAGAC (Organizacion de Productores Asociados de Grandes Atuneros Congeladores). Another Spanish organization ANABAC (Asociacion Nacional de Armodores de Buques Atuneros Congeladores) had 9 seiners involved, and the French organization ORTHONGEL (Organization des producteurs de Thon Congele et Surgele) had 9 tuna seiners operating under falsified licenses. Mw Brands / Ghana had 4 vessels which were fined. 3 vessels from the Korean company PANOFI operating from Ghana were found illegal. The remaining 3 boats were the ‘Eros’, ‘Premier’ and ‘Solevant’. The last 2 owned by Dongwon.
In the 2012 report BNF states that the ‘Premier’ and ‘Solevant’ were operating illegally, but on page 3 of the report, under point 7, it says: “After due diligence two Korean vessels were registered and licensed to fish in Liberia”. It is unclear from the document if these 2 vessels were the ‘Premier’ and the ‘Solevant’.
Investigation and review of the operations of these 40 vessels were carried out by Liberia. Cooperation and assistance from the Ivory Coast, Mozambique, the Fishery Committee for the West Central Gulf of Guinea (FCWC) and the European Commission were requested and given. Further assistance was requested from the Flag States France, Spain, Cape Verde, Netherlands Antilles, Curacao, Panama, Guatemala and Belize. In addition to fishing activities within the Liberia EEZ, it was identified that the vessels were operating under various fraudulent licenses.
In response to appeals for out of court settlements four separate negotiated settlements for those vessels represented by the Spanish organizations ANABAC and OPAGAC, French organization ORTHONGEL and vessels owned by Pioneer Food Cannery Ltd./MW Brands from Ghana, have in 2012 been agreed and settled with the government of Liberia.
OPAGAG, ANABAC, ORTHONGEL and MW Brands paid a combined total of USD 3 million in fines, which comes down to an average of about USD 88,000 per vessel. Panofi paid a total of USD 500,000 for its 3 purse seiners.

At that time, no details or evidence were provided on who had produced these falsified licenses, and no one was prosecuted.