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3,500 Kilos Of Canned Tuna Stolen From Truck Spain, March 20, 13

The Spanish Civil Guard has arrested a person after stealing 3,500 kilograms of canned tuna from a truck that was parked at a service area by Villarta de San Juan, on the Andalusia highway.
The robbery took place while the driver was sleeping inside the truck’s cabin.
According to the local authorities, the incident occurred last March 14, when a Security Unit of the Civil Guard, who were surveying the Andalusia highway, observed a truck parked in the service area of San Juan Villarta with its rear doors open and busted locks.
The Civil Guard reported these facts to the truck driver, who was sleeping in the cabin completely unaware of what had happened. After checking the load and verifying that part of the canned tuna load had been stolen, a monitoring devise was set up on that same highway and connecting roads to locate and arrest the thief.
This device allowed the authorities to locate a large van, occupied by Khamr, a 40 year-old resident of Granada, carrying four pallets of canned tuna with an approximate weight of 3,500 kilos, which had been stolen the truck.
The thief was arrested.