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New Fisheries Policy To End Discarding At Sea by EU Fleet European Union, February 7, 13

The European parliament approved a major reform to the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy this week, and new sustainable measures include imposing strict fishing limits and banning wasteful dumping at sea.
The new policy, which is to take effect in 2014, would cut fishing to sustainable stock levels, or “maximum sustainable yields.” In other words, fishermen would not be allowed to catch more than a stock can reproduce in a given year.
Members of Parliament also voted to end the practice of discards at sea which accounts for almost a quarter of total EU catches. Typically, the discarded fish are thrown back, with little chance of survival, because they are too small or are not the target species. Starting from 2014, fishing vessels would be obliged to land all catches following a schedule of specific dates depending on the fishery.
The measures do not make a distinction between the type of fisheries involved, and some countries are urging for a regional approach that safeguards small-scale artisanal practices, in particular.
A deal must now be reached between the European parliament and fisheries ministers in EU member states, to ratify the reforms.