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New Arrests In “The Big Tuna Robbery” Spain, February 5, 13

The Spanish Guardia Civil was only 48 hours into the investigation of the theft of about 80 tons of tuna from Atunes Del Maresme, when it had arrested two people linked to the theft. The stolen tuna is valued at a total of about € 600,000 (USD 800,000).
Atunes Del Maresme is located in the duty free zone of the port of Cadiz, in the South of Spain. The thefts have been occurring gradually, in small amounts of hundreds of kilos, during the past few weeks.
The latest arrest is that of a businessman from San Roque accused of taking receipt of about 5,500 kilos of Atunes Del Maresme’s stolen tuna.
The Civil Guard became aware that some of the stolen tuna could be being sold in the duty free zone of the port of Cadiz, at an establishment in Puerto Real, so it initiated its first investigations at that point. The agents seized a hundred kilos of tuna there, but the store owner produced purchase invoices which were completely legal, demonstrating that he was not aware of the illicit origin of the fish. They concluded that the tuna had been bought from a businessman in Algeciras, and thus continued their investigation in that direction.

In Algeciras, they discovered 900 kilos of Atunes Del Maresme’s stolen tuna in hands of a businessman who denied any wrongdoing. He was in fact in possession of correct invoices and claimed to not know that the tuna was the results of a robbery.

Following the tracks, the Guardia Civil came across yet another lot of stolen at the premises of a businessman in San Roque. This time, the man could not show any legal invoices at all, so he was immediately detained and accused of receiving a lot of 5,500 kilos of stolen tuna. He still had 900 kilos of tuna in his possession.

As it looks now, the thefts have occurred in stages in recent weeks and gradually, in small amounts of hundreds of kilos.

Since some of the stolen raw material has been detected at distant locations, hundreds of miles away from Cadiz, it is considered quite certain that the thefts are the result of a gang with some infrastructure, capable of transporting these big quantities of tuna and storing them at low temperatures in order to be able to sell them on demand.
So far, the Spanish Guardia Civil has retrieved about 2,000 kilos. The tuna was presumably stolen and sold by a company employee who is under arrest.