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Basques Want To Maintain Security Guards On Tuna Seiners Spain, February 6, 13

The Basque Government wants to maintain, in 2013, the aid to finance private security guards on board of Basque tuna purse seiners fishing in the Indian Ocean. This is an area where there have been numerous pirate attacks on these vessels in recent years.

Spanish vessels at an Indian Ocean port
The aid will be under the same conditions and will demand the same requirements from the beneficiaries as until now.
The Basque tuna purse seine fishing fleet, operating in the Indian Ocean in 2012, caught 87,041 tons of tuna. This represents a decrease of 10.65% compared to the average volume of catches of the four previous years.
There are 20 Spanish flagged vessels fishing in the Indian Ocean and most of them belong to Basque shipowners. The protection onboard these vessels, along with the security offered by the naval operation Atalanta, several times have been key in avoiding the attack, aimed at boarding and seizure of the tuna vessel and their crews.
The sector’s association, Cepesca, has said that the presence of security forces onboard fishing vessels has proved to be “very effective”. Although piracy continues in the area, there have been fewer attacks this last year, also thanks to the defensive mission organized by the international community.