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Atlantic Moves Tuna Pouch Production To New Plant In Lignol France, January 31, 13

Atlantic Gourmet, subsidiary of the Atlantic Seafood company based in La Baule (Western France) and a major supplier in France of tuna in pouches for the food service and food industry sectors, has started since January its production of seafood in its new factory in Lignol.

The new Atlantic Gourmet plant in Lignol

The Lignol factory will manufacture the following product ranges:

• Pasteurized cooked fish, produced with a new manufacturing process (tuna, salmon, cod, mackerel, sardine, etc.)
• QF frozen raw or cooked fish, cut in chunks (tuna, salmon, smoked salmon, cod etc.)
• Mix for sandwiches and ready-meal industries (manufactured from different fish mixed with sauces)

Atlantic Seafood has partially relocated the tuna pouch production from its factory in Ecuador. The manufacturing of cooked products should reach 2,000 M/T at the end of the year, with a production capacity higher than 6,000 M/T per year.