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Alfageme Canning Equipment To Go To The Highest Bidder Spain, February 5, 13

The tuna canning equipment of the Spanish canneries Alfageme will be sold this week to the highest bidder.

This was confirmed last Friday after an order was issued by the Commercial Court in Vigo, which was communicated to the Department of Economics. At an earlier auction in December, Alfageme’s brand “Miau” was sold, but not the machinery. The court has now given the order to “immediately” proceed with the sale of the canning equipment. At the new auction, the machinery will go to the company with the highest bid, as part of the settlement process.
In recent days, there have been attractive offers arriving from various buyers interested in taking over the Galician canning machinery. Therefore, all indicates that these will be sold within this week.
The equipment is located at the bankrupted company’s production plants in Vilaxoán and Ribadumia.