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Safeway’s FAD-Free Skipjack Now On The US Shelves United States, January 29, 13

North American supermarket, Safeway, has launched a new “responsibly caught” range of canned skipjack tuna under its own “Safeway” label.

Early in 2012, the company announced that it would be transitioning to free school purse seined skipjack by the end of the year. The tuna range, which is now on sale, is reportedly the only private label product in North America which uses only FAD-free caught skipjack tuna. In the USA, FAD free pole and line caught albacore has been on sale, also in Safeway stores. However, until now no FAD free skipjack had been available in the country.

The product is delivered through cooperation between Tri-Marine International and Safeway. The annual turnover is targeted at about 15 20ft containers of canned tuna. The product has not been certified by any eco-label as being sustainable yet.