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Cuca Staff Prevents Cannery Equipment From Leaving Spain, January 28, 13

Cuca employees were keeping guard over the weekend at their Spanish cannery in Vilaxoan.

The calm was complete on Friday afternoon at the headquarters of Cuca. Employees were keeping an eye on any indication of movements inside the Vilaxoán factory.

The purpose of their surveillance is to prevent that Conservas Garavilla relocates the factory processing machinery to the O Grove location.

Cuca workers are still waiting for hopeful news from the Council’s President. They also hope that the Xunta will takes steps towards ensuring the long term future of the cannery in Vilaxoán, all this despite Conserva Garavilla’s guarantee for 100% job security for all employees.

It’s important to realize that the Garavilla factory in O Grove, where the staff is to relocate, is only 38 kilometers away from the current Cuca factory in Vilaxoan.

Twenty female workers have already relocated to O Grove. Two of these women work in the warehouse. The other 18 received letters last Friday in which Garavilla communicated their transfer to the O Grove factory.

The workers are still convinced that there is no reason for the Vilaxoan closure and, therefore say that they will oppose it until the bitter end.