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Tuna In the Can With A 5-Minute Shelf Life The Netherlands, January 22, 13

One Dutch entrepreneur is going against the industry norm and placing tuna in a can with a five-minute expiry time. This won’t catch on with consumers who stock canned tuna in their cupboards, but for customers visiting the small town of Waalwijk in the Netherlands, the idea is certainly creative and funny.

Patrick Fijneman, owner of Pat’s Kitchen, serves his dish “Tuna Tataki” in a can to restaurant diners. The meal comes with a make-shift can label that reads “the look of passion” and warns “best before: maximum 5 minutes!”

“That’s the joke,” says Fijneman. “We prepare the dish five minutes before we serve it, so it’s really fresh.”
The Japanese-inspired dish has slices of seared yellowfin tuna on top of wakame (seaweed) salad with a sesame dressing. Carrots, leek and celery are also added to make it a bit Dutch, he says.
“The ingredients in the can have to be good and tasty and the design makes it a perfect dish.”
Fijneman says customers are suprised when they get a can and adds the dish is “very popular” because “everybody likes tuna.”
The can is already open so diners only have to lift the lid to enjoy the tuna tataki.
“I really like to put a smile on the face of people who are going to eat it,” he says of the concept.