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Tuna Businessman Jumps To Death In Front Of Family Thailand, September 20, 12

A tuna businessman committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in front of his family on Tuesday.

Police received a report there was a dead man beneath Bhumibol Bridge 2. Investigators sent to the scene reported finding the body of Preecha Tongdee, 40. He had multiple broken bones, indicating that he had plunged from the bridge.

His wife, Chaksana Rungroch, 41, told police that they were on their way home after picking up their son from school.

“I was driving the car, and then out of nowhere he just removed his jewellery and other things and told me to look after the children,” she said.

According to Mrs. Chaksana, her husband then jumped from the moving vehicle and then jumped right off the bridge.

Police found a suicide note in the man's pocket.

It said, “Dear rescue officials, my name is Preecha Tongdee. I live at 18/8 Moo. 5 Bangyo, Prapra Daeng district Samut Prakan. If you have found my soul less body, please deliver it to Chulalongkorn Hospital, and donate it for educational purposes and also contact my family. I ask forgiveness from those I have hurt and I hold no grudges against anyone.”

It was dated Sept 13, 2012.

Police said initial inquiries suggested that the victim may have had problems with his tuna distribution business, or possibly personal problems, so he decided to kill himself.