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Socialist Tuna Cannery Expects Major Production Increase In 2013 Venezuela, January 18, 13

The Venezuelan Socialist Unity Fextún (Fabrica de Exquisiteces de Atun) located in Cumana, Sucre state, expects to increase its tuna production to 2,000 tons during the first quarter of this year. This represents an astounding increase of 32% compared to the same period of 2012, when production reached 1,500 tons.

During a press release held at the factory earlier this week, the plant manager, Pedro Reyes, said they would reach their set goals thanks to the funding provided by the Fondo Zamora, which handles the purchase of raw materials, as well as of equipment and machinery and also takes care of the plants maintenance and improvement.
He specified that the 2,000 tons of tuna is packed in cans of different weights (140 grams, 184 grams and 354 grams). Whole round tuna and tuna loins are also processed at the plant.
Fextún, which was one of the assets seized by the Venezuelan State and became part of the social ownership group end 2009, currently has 576 employees.

By 2013, it plans a production target of 2,400 tons of tuna per quarter.