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Sapmer Continues To Invest In Mauritius Mauritius, January 4, 13

Sapmer continues to invest in Mauritius in addition to its industrial cold room at -40° C and an additional unit of transformation and development of fish.

This will increase local capacities processing 9000 to 30 000 tons of products per year. These two devices should be delivered end of March 2013.

Sapmer is present in Mauritius through Sea Mascarene, a partnership with Seafood Hub Ltd, an entity Ireland Blyth Limited (IBL). This plant began operations in 2008 in Mauritius. It is located directly quayside inside the free port in Port-Louis.

Designed to meet European health standards and approved, Sea Mascarene has two main activities. The first is the transformation of frozen whole fish on board, packed in portions to final consumers. Fish processed in this plant does not undergo thawing during the cutting. This innovative single freezing preserves all the organoleptic qualities and taste of the original product. The unit has cold storage at -40 ° for optimal storage of raw materials and finished products. She works pelagic species such as tuna, swordfish, dolphinfish, pomegranate, or toothfish, among others.

The other activity is Sapmer repackaging headed and gutted fish, from fishing vessels operating in the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean. Similarly, the product is not thawed during treatment.

The group points out that industrial fishing Reunion has five purse seiners freezers for fishing for yellowfin tuna and skipjack tuna in the Indian Ocean, which will soon be joined by two new vessels. Production will therefore increase.

The first half of 2012, activity Sapmer was supported with a growth in turnover of 10.3 million euros to 52.5 million euros against 42.2 million euros in the same period of 2011. This increase in activity is due to three main factors: the rise of tuna fishing as a whole (raw tuna and tuna valued), an increase of sales of lobsters and a favorable currency effect related to changes the euro / dollar (SAPMER makes 53% of its sales in dollars in the first half 2012).

It is noteworthy that in 1947 three Reunion, Jean Chatel, Georges Michel and Raymond Latour, create Société Anonyme Fishing Malagasy and Reunion (Sapmer).