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Mexican Tuna Canner Invests In Frozen Yogurt Mexico, January 18, 13

Grupo Herdez, a Mexican canned tuna producer, has bought a majority share in Nutrisa, a leading frozen yogurt company in Mexico, with plans to double its number of retail outlets to 700 in the medium term.

Herdez paid USD 159 million for a 67% stake in Nutrisa to start its expansion into the new business category. It plans to eventually buy all the shares, but the deal is subject to regulatory approval.

The company has seven tuna vessels, and it can’t expand its fleet due to capacity restrictions, so it’s logical that Herdez is diversifying its business portfolio. With limited investment opportunities in the tuna industry – primarily mergers and acquisitions – it makes sense for Herdez to pursue ventures in a new food sector, where it can use its extensive food distribution knowledge.
Herdez sees huge growth potential for Nutrisa, which currently sells frozen yogurt in specialty stores and mall food courts. Most of the 350 Nutrisa outlets are located in Mexico City and other major cities, so there are many possible channels to explore including new regional areas and supermarkets.
Nutrisa’s sales of about USD 90 million in the 12 months through September equaled roughly 10% of Herdez’s revenue, about USD 873 million.