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Intelligent Calvo Tuna Commercial Builds Bond With Mothers Spain, January 18, 13

Spanish tuna company Calvo has a new commercial for its “Atun Claro” product – canned yellowfin tuna – and viewers are sure to think twice about trying to deceive their mothers or wives after watching it.
Following on the great success of 2011’s ad campaign, which featured an underwater orchestra and choir performing the catchy “Sacatunn” song, this time the brand is specifically targeting the consumers who likely make the main grocery purchases for the household: mothers.
The commercial presents mothers as having a sixth sense, emphasizing and marveling at their ability to know everything. A voiceover starts by asking, “How do they do it?” and then proceeds to show viewers just how intuitive they are with humorous examples.
From being able to recognize immediately that a slumped sitting teenager is the result of a hidden and painful body piercing, to knowing about secret dates and private text messages, to hearing a whispered, “I hate my parents-in-law,” from a disgruntled husband in the next room over, Calvo’s message is clear – “mothers cannot be fooled” and cannot be fooled about tuna quality either. Calvo is Spain’s market leader in the premium “Atuna Claro” segment, while most other brands battle with private label in the “ Atun” segment – which is skipjack tuna.
The ad relies on this almost supernatural ability, ending with a shot that shows a woman in the grocery aisle, choosing Calvo over another tuna brand. The accompanying voiceover – “When we tell you that it’s the best, it’s because it is” - directly addresses mothers, as does the final slogan, “Follow your instinct.”
By promoting the Calvo brand in this way, as a company aware that mothers cannot be deceived, the Spanish canner is appealing to their intellect and positioning itself as a company whose claims can be trusted.